Welcome to the Fire of Transformation!
Are you ready to learn about five thousand year old medical techniques that will bring you to a place of union with God, contentment, balance, alignment and joy? I work with the building blocks of the Bible, unity, mindful awareness, consistency, certainty and serenity. Through this experience, we can discover the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of what it is to be a whole human being. Through time tested methods of communion with God, breath techniques, meditation, transformation and renewal of the mind, we are invited to return to joy and abundance. We want to gently open our hearts to receive great love, compassion and nurturing.  Through exercise, nutrition, understanding natural rhythms, forgiveness, kindness, tenderness and compassion, we will learn to appreciate and have gratitude for every moment. We learn how to reflect, accept and understand the challenges we receive in life. Are you ready for the commitment while embarking on this amazing journey? You are a human with great value and worth. This opportunity will invite you to spend more time with the peace that passes all understanding. With patience and practice, you can become the transformation! I am thankful you have come along for this adventure!!!!!Please visit my blog and read more about this refreshing lifestyle choice. Ayurveda-the science of life! Be sure to listen to the videos on the right side of each page to learn more about what I do.  








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    • So glad that you are enjoying this. It has been a great adventure and it excites me to know that people are enjoying my heart.
      Love you, Christine

    • It is always a blessing to see your beaming face around town. Thank you for enjoying this offering.
      Love you, Christine